Our Values

Offering the best possible service to our customers, and being able to do so with a clear and accurate outlook, is the crux of who we are.

Our Approach

Our aim, as a business, is to deliver a bespoke, top quality, economical, and of course safe, service to our customers.

Our Mission

Regardless of the size of the project and the nature of the work, we to ensure our clients receive a first class service they can rely on.

About Acuity Environmental services.

Quality & Equality

We always deliver first class, economical solutions whether we undertake a small, routine, one day project, or large projects with multiple weeks involving large numbers of personnel and the inclusion of specialist, often bespoke, plant and equipment.


‘Acuity (noun) the ability to hear, see, or think accurately and clearly’

Acuity Environmental Services Ltd was formed back in September 2016.

We wanted a name for the business that we thought best suited our outlook and how we would best serve our customers. To us, as we are solely a service provider, i.e. we do not manufacture anything, service is absolutely the first and last word. To us offering the best possible service to our customers, and being able to do so with a clear and accurate outlook, is the crux of who we are.

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Procedure and protocol

Our quality control procedures and safe working practices ensure that all of the work/ projects we undertake are meticulously planned and subsequently conducted in order to ensure that our client’s expectations are exceeded.

Simon Bissell


Simon founded Acuity Environmental Services Ltd back in September 2016, as after spending twenty-five plus years in the industry, specialising in the more challenging and hazardous projects, he had begun to realise that success was being judged more on ‘profit margin enhancement’ than it was on customer satisfaction.

Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to change this ethos at his then current employer, he set out on his own in order to form a company that would be able to still fulfil the more challenging and hazardous projects, but would then judge its success, simply via customer satisfaction.

Dave Stokes


Dave joined the company in the Christmas of 2017. Dave having had worked alongside Simon for nearly two decades previously, was more than a welcome addition, bringing with him a wealth of experience in both logistical and industrial services knowledge. It was at this point, with Dave joining, that the company really started to gather momentum and establish itself within the market place.

Dave, sharing the same outlook as Simon, places emphasis on delivering a safe, successful and cost-effective outcome, whether the job is a simple one-day affair or a long-term project.

Richard Webb


Richie, having also worked along side both Simon and Dave, for a considerable amount of time, was the third member to constitute the company’s executive team. Richie coming on board in the Spring of 2018 bought with him an unsurpassed technical knowledge and also an unrivalled team/ project management capability.

Richard completes the executive team, ensuring that the company can take on projects of various sizes and differing natures, whilst striving to exceed the expectations of our customers.